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Deadline of November 1st for State Tournament Apps!

TTA Affiliates, November 1, 2019 is the deadline to submit a State Tournament Application for the 2020 State Tournaments!  The State Tournament Order Form may be found under "Downloads".  If interested, please complete and send to the TTA State Office.


A.D. Starr will be the new TTA Baseball and Softball supplier for 2018-2019. 

All towns hosting a Boys District or State Tournament must use the official TTAB stamped Baseball from the TTA approved Supplier.  The Official TTA Stamped Baseball will be a Diamond D1-OL for 10U and above divisions and the AD Starr 600 for 9U and below divisions.  **Exception below**  All towns hosting a Girls District or State Tournament must use the official TTAS stamped Softball from the TTA approved supplier.  **Exception below**.  The Official TTA Stamped Softballs are A.D. Starr softballs, 11" OA 11.47 PL and 12" OA 12.47 PL.  

The TTA Official Baseball/Softball Supplier for 2018-2019 is A.D. Starr. Orders may be placed at 800-487-2448, George Elias. When ordering baseballs or softballs, A.D. Starr must be informed that the affiliate is a TTA affiliate ordering tournament balls.

***Baseball/Softball Exception in Boys and Girls 8U Machine Pitch Divisions*** A seamless machine pitch ball will also be allowed in the Boys and Girls 8U Machine Pitch

 Division Tournaments only. The same type of ball must be used throughout the tournament. ***

Machine Pitch Boys and Girls tournaments may use the TTA approved baseball/softball or the approved machine pitch ball as listed:

Baseballs approved are the Diamond D1-OL (TTA stamped), Diamond DMBP or the A.D. Starr AD 100 Flat Seam.

Softballs approved are the A.D. Starr OA 11.47 PL (TTA stamped) or Diamond 11" 11 MBP.

2019 Pitch Count Statistician Duties Clarification

At the January 12, 2019 State Directors Board meeting, the statistician (Boys Pitch Count Divisions – Boys 9U thru Boys HSE) duties are to include the following:

All pitching rules will stay the same as posted in the 2018-2019 TTA rulebook. The pitch count statistician is required to stop play immediately and notify the umpire when the Pitcher has reached his pitch count maximum for the day or the inning.


6U Tball, 8U, and 9U Approved Baseball


10U, 12U, 14U, 15U, and HSE Approved Baseball

Aprroved Softball Bats List

Link for approved Softball Bats

Approved Stamps for Non-Wood Baseball Bats

All non-wood baseball bats must have one of the stamps below in order to be approved for Texas Teenage. 

Updates & News


Texas Teenage Baseball and Softball Annual State Affiliates Meeting, August 3, 2019, Buffalo, TX


Location is City of Buffalo, Administration City Hall
All parents, coaches, board members and children are encouraged to attend.

Agenda: Affiliate Sign in 1:30 P. M.
Rules Forum and Meet and Greet 2:00 P. M.
Evening Session Sign in 5:00 P. M.
Meeting Called to Order 5:30 P. M.
Dinner 6:00 P. M.


2019 TTA Scholarship Winners


TTA would like to announce the 2019 TTA Scholarship Recipients. Tatum Briggs (Blooming Grove), Maci Bumpurs (Jewett), Micah Burke (Corsicana), Jordan Hullum (Mexia), Ty Mcgee (Milano), Madison Waddle (Groesbeck), Callie Waller (Mildred)



2018-2019 TTA Rule Clarifications/Changes for 2018 Season

By Texas Teenage 01/26/2017, 12:45am CST